Hamburger-noodle casserole; mixed vegetables and added canned corn; refrigerator rolls; lettuce and carrots – 23 May 2014

Classic Mom-dinner here. She wanted to make this, which she says was a favorite of my late sister P.

main140523The recipe calls for one medium onion, chopped, and cooked with 1 1/2 lb of beef and 1/2 tsp (or was it 1 tsp?) salt, then 24 oz (or one 28-oz can) of tomato sauce is added and all cooked for a bit. Mom left out this entire onion, though! Separately, another 1/3 cup of minced onion is mixed with 1/3 cup of green pepper (I would SO increase the GP!), 1/4 cup sour cream, and 1 cup cottage cheese. setting140523Mom keeps her sour cream frozen (!) and we neglected to defrost it early enough to extricate 1/4 cup, so I just added another bit of cottage cheese. Finally, egg noodles are cooked – I think 8 oz dry. You lay half the noodles into an 9×14″ or whatever it actually is pyrex baking dish, cover with all of the cottage cheese mixture, add the remaining noodles, and top with the tomato-hamburger sauce. Finally, you sprinkle parmaggiano over the top and bake till it bubbles – 30-40 mins at 350 degrees. We didn’t have parmaggiano, so I grated some longhorn cheddar over the top, halfway through the baking.

wine140523Lucky for us, the refrigerator rolls Mom wanted to bake also needed a 350 degree oven, so we were able to cook those alongside the casserole. They are I think Pillsbury buttermilk rolls or something. She had a partial pack of frozen mixed vegetables that she thought was not enough, so we added in the leftover corn from last night, and that was way plenty.  Plus, she set out her usual iceberg lettuce chunks and baby carrots, which we coated with Safeway Lite 1000-Island dressing.

Mom brought out a wine that D&R had apparently bought in February when they were here, and it was quite good. It’s called Hebrard, and is a 2010 Bordeaux. I had also bought the same wine last January when I was here alone, but we drank it before D&R arrived. Probably not a coincidence, however.

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