“Catch as catch can” at Mom’s – 24 May 2014

main140524After a couple of outings, and making herself a late snack (more like lunch), Mom thought we should all just grab whatever we wanted for dinner. Of course, she had trouble sticking to that, and we ended up being somewhat more organized. Brother warmed up the macaroni and cheese for himself, and Mom and I had the leftover hamburger casserole from last night, after I froze a batch for later use. Mom cut more iceberg slices and set out carrots, to which we could add Lite 1000-Island dressing. I of course forgot to photograph my dinner till it was almost gone, so all I have is the closeup of the casserole.

wine140524And of course the wine – I found a local winery – Rocklands Farm – at the Kensington Farmers’ Market today, and bought three bottles. Rather expensive, but I wanted to try the local wines.  I liked both the chard and the rose they were tasting, and bought one of each, and took a chance on the untasted the ‘House Red,’ b/c it was 12.5% alcohol and not, according to the seller, in the “big bold” CA style, which of course is what I liked about it. Bro & I enjoyed the house red with dinner. I am happy to like it – it is a light red, easy to drink, very enjoyable. We are now looking at the website and hoping to make a visit!



Nothing special – just looked kinda cute. I made a sandwich out of a leftover refrigerator roll, some mayonnaise, and the uneaten, cooked turkey bacon halves from the 22nd, and heated up the unfinished corn and mixed veggies from lunch140524I think the same night, or another one. Mom had also cut me strawberries for breakfast, but I am not used to having this done and had not looked in the place she left them, so I had them for lunch. A treat! Ah, I see a bit of leftover red wine, too 🙂


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