Tuna sandwiches; broccoli; spinach and feta salad – 10 June 2014

main140610I had extravagant plans for a tagine tonight, but the leftover tuna (1/2 can – something like 3.5 oz) needed eating, and D had some haricots for one of his great pastas, so he pointed out that we could put off the tagine till later in the week and have the tuna and the haricot pasta tonight and tomorrow. Worked for me.

setting140610I mixed the tuna with half of a shallot clove, finely chopped, most of a stick of celery, likewise finely chopped, about 1 tsp seedy mustard from the Bowl, and about 2 rather sloppy tsp mayonnaise, some salt and pepper. Worked. D brought in lettuce from the garden, and cut slices from our new (today) Acme Italian Batard, of which we also had a bunch at lunch (cheese sandwiches). Didn’t add mayo or mustard to the bread itself – just the tuna salad and lettuce. I steamed about half a crown of broccoli (florets separated, stems skinned and chunked to bite-size) 5 minutes, then reheated in butter with salt and pepper. wine140610Finally, I picked all the spinach from the garden – it was not doing so well, bolting and getting tan spots as though something had cut off some nutrient supply to part of the leaves – so took pretty much all I could get my hands on. Also scraped off the feta that has been in the fridge since before my trip AFAIK, and added some of that, crumbled; made a dressing from olive oil and red wine vinegar, with S&P, and tossed.

D chose a new Cotes de Gascogne to substitute for the Haut Marin that we can no longer get   ( 😦 ) and it was fine, though not as excellent. Domaine du Tariquet Classic, it says, 2013. Cost only $8 at The Wine Mine.

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