Dinner at Borobudur – 2 July 2014

D’s Dad P and his friend P2 are in town, and P2 had a birthday today. We went to Borobudur in SF, near the hotel they’re staying in last night and tonight, to celebrate. We’ve been to Borobudur a few times (moi 4, D 3, P & R 2) and enjoyed it. Descriptions and prices are from the online menu. Comments are from me. We ordered:

main1407021. Roti Prata
Pan fried layered bread served with curry dipping sauce $7.50

This is The Reason To Go To Borobudur. Fabulous! We got a second batch b/c this is what P seemed to like best.

3. Bakwan Jagunglagniappe140702-cornfritters-borobudur
Fried corn fritter $5.50

Photo at right. P ordered this but found the sauce too spicy and the fritters unexciting. I liked it.

30. Rendang
Sumatra beef stew cooked with spices in coconut milk sauce $14.50

Good. I would consider ordering it again, but it was wine140702not as interesting as some things.

36. Tumis Bayam Bawang Putih
Sauteed spinach with tofu & garlic $8.50

Wish I had a photo of this! It’s delicious and beautiful – dark green spinach with a touch of red pepper.

70. Nasi Uduk / Aromatic Rice
cooked with coconut milk & lemon grass. $3,25 (x2)

Neat rice, too. Never tried this one before.

D chose a wine we’d had before, a 2012 white Bordeaux from Chateau Haut-Rian. Very good choice.


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