Swordfish sandwiches with red pepper aioli; asparagus bits – 6 July 2014


D and I are both sick, but I seem to be a bit sicker than he, so he made dinner. He even went to the Bowl for a loaf of bread – Acme Sweet Batard. I came up with the easy and really yummy dinner idea. We need to use up the swordfish leftovers and could have made more rice to serve them on, or pasta of some kind. I realized sandwiches would be tasty, and wow, were they ever! D spread some of the red pepper aioli on the bread slices and added some sliced scallions – just a bit – and some of that lovely, crispy romaine head we’ve been using. Wonderful sandwich! setting140706

P&P left some of the asparagus that P2 had wanted to buy, and the ends had apoparently gotten a bit weird, but D cut those off and cooked the rest. Good, nothign special. A bit of aioli on them, which was amusing though not a particularly good match. No wine – didn’t think it went with a 100+ degree temperature. 😦


While I was typing this, D came out with half a piece of the cake R made for Thursday night – this is the last bit. Still really good (if a bit discombobulated).


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