Spaghetti with Hen-of-the-woods bases; grilled eggplant in basil and garlic marinade – 7 July 2014

main140707D and I are still sick, with sore throats. Lots of mint tea with honey and lemon (a cool, round-leafed mint from the back yard – spearmint?). We have foods in the fridge that want eating, so we made up a couple of them, and it turned out to be a pretty good dinner. setting140707D cleaned and cut up the cores of the hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, of which I had cooked the “leaves” on Thursday. He cooked them in olive oil instead of butter, and served with spaghetti instead of linguine, so similar to but not the same as the previous dish. I bought four Japanese eggplants at the Bowl on Saturday, and they were on special so I wanted not to let them sit long. I used them as intended, in a recipe from epicurious. Part of a recipe, I should say: the entire thing has three marinades for three different veggies, and they are served with fresh mozzarella – great meal! wine140707But I just did the eggplants this time: Slice the eggplants, toss in a marinade of fresh basil and garlic in olive oil, and grill about 4 minutes on a side (on our grill – YMMV). Serve with some of the marinade over the top. There are a bunch of these now grilled and waiting to be eaten in other ways in the next couple of days.

We felt good enough to have some wine with dinner this time, but we shared only half of the bottle, which was exactly enough, under the circumstances. D opened a bottle of Gouleyard Malbec – a Cahors – from The Wine Mine (also found while at Mom’s) and it was very good, as usual. Only $9, too.

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