Eggplant and red pepper aioli sandwiches; romano beans – 8 July 2014

main140708We’re trying to use up stuff in the fridge and make easy dinners while we’re both still sick with sore throats and general ickiness. I grilled eggplant slices yesterday to have alongside the pasta, knowing there would be a bunch for future meals. I used three slices (lengthwise) of Japanese eggplant for each sandwich, setting140708which was made on an Acme Sourdough Batard, split a crispy romaine leaf between the two, and slathered on some of the aioli remaining from the swordfish dinner Friday. Good sandwiches, but I expected they would be more interesting. Maybe it’s just that our tasters are not working all that well right now. Or maybe they sandwiches were just not that interesting.

D bought Romano beans at the Bowl when he ventured out to shop today, and he boiled them and served with butter, salt, and pepper. They were delicious! We had the other half-bottle of Malbec from last night so no new wine pic.

lunch140708One reason D went to the Bowl was to get tomatoes for lunch. Unfortunately, even the Odorikos were uninspiring, but lunch was beautiful, and the tomatoes added enough taste to make it quite yummy. This used up 2 hard boiled eggs (1 each), and required some frozen peas, cooked, one tomato each, in chunks, and white sauce, which is brown b/c the butter browned. Great comfort food.

D also bought this pretty little grapefruit, which we had for a snack as soon as I ran across it.snack140708


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