Eggplant sandwiches; braised fennel – 10 July 2014

main140710D keeps being plagued by ideas he should be cooking better stuff, and then realizing no, we’re sick. It’s ok! Still really good food, though nothing fancy. All this time and we haven’t resorted to having something delivered – probably b/c we pretty much never do that in real life, so just don’t think of it, or know anyplace that delivers food good enough to be worth it. Rotten City Pizza is an exception. If we’re not better soon, I will suggest this!

setting140710D went to the Bowl again today and stocked up on grapefruit and peaches and stuff, and also bought an Acme Italian Batard. This he used for sandwiches, using up the eggplant slices I grilled the other day with basil and garlic marinade. He just put mayonnaise and romaine on with the eggplant (which we salted a bit at the table). Good sandwiches. wine140710He also read that fennel may help to clear the chest, so he bought a head and braised it in olive oil, with a bit of vermouth and salt and pepper. It was good comfort food, though a bit to bland for D’s taste. I liked it. OTOH he thought the sandwiches were bland, too, so perhaps he’s having a bad tasting-day and everything is bland.

Except the wine: he poured off 1/2 of a bottle of Ol’ Red (from Grocery Outlet) to save, and we split the other half bottle. Really enjoyed it, proving that, though sick, we are really not too terribly sick. Thus ends the veggie part of this post…


For lunch, D opened a 16-oz container of chicken stock from Costco that we decided to try. It’s in terribly unfortunate packaging, so I am disinclined to buy it again, even though it is tasty. He made soup with garlic, scallions, carrots, celery and celery leaves… some marjoram… whatever was around – cooked these first, then added the stock and some rice and cooked till the rice was done. He grated in some parmesan or pecorino, too, but I don’t know when. It isn’t melted in, in the picture. Good soup, and also pretty.


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