Spaghetti with tomato basil sauce; triple-cream blue cheese – 11 July 2014

main140711D and I are still sick, so he wanted to take cooking easy. He proposed we have the simplest of pasta, essentially olive oil, a small can of tomatoes, heat hot and rapidly, add basil leaves. D decided to add garlic and onions this time at the start, and when I volunteered to get basil from the back yard, he ordered up “lots.”

cheese140711setting140711We had more of the excellent blue cheese we’ve been eating – Saint Agur, from Berkeley Bowl – with some Carr’s Water Crackers, and some picholine olives, just, I suppose, to prove that we can still be civilized, though sick 😉 Finishing this the 20th, so just remembering, but we must have had the other half-bottle of Ol’ Red for dinner with this. This ends the vegetarian portion of our program.


The soup: I don’t remember the details of this soup, but I remember it was really good. D likely used another Costco chicken stock container, looks like some rosemary, obviously some nice little potatoes, halved, carrots, looks like mushrooms, and I think he also added some fennel stems left over from when he steamed or braised the bulbs the other day.


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