Ham shavings; apples with onions; potatoes – 14 July 2014

main140714D had this in mind, and I was not sure what he was thinking of. It really turned out great. He took out an end of frozen ham and left it for just a half hour or so, and then, periodically calling out “Ow! Ow!” (b/c his ham-holding hand was freezing) sliced off thin bits of ham from the surface, and then refroze the rest of the ham. He also boiled potatoes and served them with salt and pepper, and a bit of butter.

setting140714The big deal was the apples. We have an apple tree that was grafted with multiple types of apples, and one of them is not great eating. It matures early, and the apples fall off the tree in great numbers, even when D has aggressively removed a lot of them when they are small (so as not to exhaust the tree). So we make pies (see yesterday) and apple crisp, and give them away for cooking. Tonight, D cooked some chopped red onion – a few Tbsp, say – in butter till it softened, then added chunks of these apples and cooked them till they were soft. He added salt and pepper and some cinnamon, but mostly they were tangy, not sweet, as cinnamon might suggest. wine140714They were GREAT! They went really well with the ham, too. I just wish he’d made at least twice as much of this excellent dish.

D chose a bottle of Chateau Arrican-Bordes Madiran, which we got at grocery Outlet awhile ago, for some remarkably low price. We are still splitting just half a bottle b/c not really recovered from our illnesses of last week. Enjoyed the wine with this dinner, though. Also had a tiny bit more of the Acme Sweet Batard D bought yesterday.

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