Pork chops with herbs; savory apple (un)compote; potatoes with parsley – 16 July 2014

We loved the apple thingy D made last night, and so D decided to try another tonight with pork chops. He used the good parts of two dropped apples, cutting off the bruises incurred by falling. I found out that a “compote” is sweet, but I can’t figure out what else to call this, so I decided on (un)compote.

main140716We defrosted one super-thick boneless chop from Costco, and D cut it into two thin chops. He salted and peppered them, and put chopped sage and oregano leaves onto one side.

setting140716D cooked some chopped onion (yellow this time, perhaps a quarter of a cup? Maybe less?) in butter till soft, then added chopped apples (without peeling them – no problem) and salted and peppered them. He started the apples when he started the boiling water for the potatoes. When he put the potatoes in (Yukon Golds) to cook for 10 minutes, he added pecan pieces to the apples, and put the pork chops into the same pan, pushing the apples to one side. He cooked the chops on the herbless side for a bit, then flipped them and cooked the herbed side (may have done this more than once). He flipped them again to herbs-up side, and arranged some oregano flowers over the top before serving. He sprinkled parsley leaves over the potatoes, after adding a bit of butter.

wine140716This was delicious! The chops were especially good, and the apples were again incredible. Such a great taste! We are now thinking about other savory apple variants – perhaps one based on the Waldorf salad. LOL!

Had the last of the Sweet Batard from Acme, plus a bit of a baguette recovered today from the freezer. (I assumed it would be dead, but D thought it was fine. I ended up not tasting it at all.) D decided to open another Madiran, and this one was so much better! We enjoyed it, but it’s sad to think how much better this 2001 wine must have been in its prime! It’s a Chateau Arricau-Bordes, 2001, which we got from Grocery Outlet.

We both realized today that we are pretty much recovered from our severe colds. 12 days.

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