Chicken sandwiches; steamed zucchini; pickle; peach – 21 July 2014

D came home feeling sick again, his throat having become sore in the afternoon, so I said I might as well make the (easy!) dinner he had planned, while he took a nap.

main140721He had already cut up one of the three tiny zucchini I had bought for steaming, and had those ready to go. I cut four slices of the loaf of Acme Pain au Levain he bought this morning, put on mayonnaise and cut up most of the remaining chicken from two nights ago, sticking it to the mayo side of the bread so it would not fall out 🙂 setting140721D eventually got up, and pointed out that we could use the garden lettuce I had washed yesterday for lunch but not used, so no lettuce washing. He suggested we add a pickle on the side, so we each had a Clausen Kosher dill pickle spear. Those are scrumptious! That’s about it. I salted my chicken a bit later, and it was an improvement, but the sandwich was really delicious as it was. It was remarkable how good the Levain was for it.

Later, I cut up a white peach from the Berkeley Thursday farmers’ market, and that was super sweet and yummy. Forgot to shoot it, unfortunately, b/c it looked so pretty in the little pink Russel Wright bowl!

wine140721D, since he was feeling sick, decided we should go easy on the wine, and pulled out the second half-bottle of the Duquesa de Valladolid Rueda (Verdejo 2012) that we had half of for “cooking wine” yesterday while we finished up dinner preparations. It has a lovely sparkle. Got it at the Bowl for $10, and will definitely get more. We already have 2 more bottles, but D can’t remember why. Most likely there was some sort of rec on the shelf, and it was time to buy wines for summer – oh, and it is imported by Grape Expectations, so we would assume it was good, and a good value for its price.



We had a second dessert when D brought out two small pieces of my un-birthday cake from last night, but I didn’t take a picture of it. Amazingly sumptuous cake!


We had both kept some of our calzoni from last night, and had those cold for lunch, along with leftover carrots Provencal and apple compote, and some freshly made green beans. The calzoni and carrots are definitely better hot. I just took this picture b/c I thought the crowded little plate looked quite inviting.

lunchmain140721The calzoni are cooked without a steam vent in the crust, so they stay domed and dramatic, but the cheese melts down to a small layer, leaving the calzoni looking like little caverns.


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