Leftover chicken with rice & carrots Provencal; tomatoes! – 22 July 2014

I had thought to use up some basil and the extra ball of fresh mozzarella by making eggplant sandwiches, but those will be tomorrow night. I remembered that we had a small chunk of chicken to use up, plus the rice, and had planned to cook them together. Also we had the rest of the carrots Provencal.

main140722setting140722Talk about easy! I cut a 3/8″ or so slice of a large yellow onion and cut it into a small dice, and cooked in perhaps 1 Tbsp each butter and olive oil till softish, then added the chicken, torn into bite-sized pieces. After the chicken was hot, I added the cooked, leftover rice – about a cup – and the leaves from one stem of parsley (washed the other day and sitting in a vase on the island), chopped. I put a teeny bit of water into the bottom of the pan and covered it, so the rice would heat very thoroughly. I just reheated the carrots Provencal in a bit of olive oil, pretty slowly. Today I went to the Farmers’ Market for peaches, and found, to our delight, that Dirty Girl Produce has their dry-farmed early girl tomatoes already. wine140722They were out last week, but I was still sick and didn’t go to the market. I bought a small bag of these, and cut up two of them for dinner. D thinks they are not as good as they have been but that may be b/c it’s the start of the season, or may be b/c we think every tomato must be beyond perfect, having had out standards raised so high in recent years. Since discovering Dirty Girl Produce.

D thought we should try this rose – a “Broadbent” Vinho Verde – of which we had forgotten the provenance. I later remembered it was from a Wine Mine tasting. It’s slightly on the sweet side, with a bit of bubbliness, only $8.50, and only 10% alcohol! We enjoyed it – might work well with a Nicoise.

Later, we had the last of the wondrous pie-cake R made for my unbirthday on the 20th. Fabulous dessert!


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