Tomato tarte – 24 July 2014

main140724It’s tomato season! Dirty Girl Produce has their dry-farmed early girls for sale at the Berkeley Tuesday market, so we will indulge in all our favorite tomato recipes for a few months.

lagniappe140724-1This tomato tarte is actually called “Warm tomato, leek, and cheese tart” in The San Francisco Chronicle cookbook. It’s a recipe by Paul Bertolli. I used up 5 small early girls in this one. I couldn’t decide which whole-tarte picture to use so I’m posting both 🙂 There was this odd little extra bit of crust when I rolled it out, and I decided just to leave it there and fold it over. Usually there is not such a pronounced indentation on one side!

lagniappe140724-2setting140724I have written in my version (almost unchanged) of the recipe here. I used Tillamook medium cheddar this time, and four stems of our fading basil bushes, taking off everything that looked usable. Two monster leeks yielded more than the requisite 1/2 pound of white parts (if you include the light green, which I do).


We had leftover Madiran and Falco (tempranillo) wines with this, both good.


I’m writing up a lot of lunches lately.

lunch140724Nothing special about this one in particular – I just liked the way the plate looked again 🙂 Reheated wild rice mix (in butter, with a little water to steam and heat through), fresh green beans (I think D boiled them, then tossed in butter and salt), more Dirty Girl Produce tomatoes, and some crackers and cheese.

lunchsetting140724The round crackers are Carr’s Water Crackers, these with pepper, and the rectangles are PPassport “Everything Flatbread.” We used up the very last of the Petit Basque from Costco (outstanding cheese) and the remaining few ounces of the Bucheron French chevre from The Cheese Board, that I bought for the calzoni we had on the 20th.

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