Spaghetti with tomato-hamburger sauce; steamed baby zucchini – 25 July 2014

D found a bag of discounted tomatoes at the Bowl, and made a sauce out of them. He sent me this photo while I was at work. Isn’t it beautiful!?!

main140725-Dphotosetting140725The basic sugo was onions, tomatoes, parsley seeds, oregano, thyme – everything but the basil that was the original intent of having the sauce in the first place! LOL! Well, we can use it later just as well. D defrosted a small packet of hamburger, and, while he went out to feed one of the cars, I cooked it (and salted it) in the frying pan from which D had removed the sugo, and then added back some of the sugo. It was delicious!

I was worried that the zucchini would not survive too much longer (though as it turns out, they were in fine shape) so I split them in half and steamed them about 7 minutes.

wine140725I got an email from The Wine Mine today describing a light Burgundy for $13, and decided to pick it up on my way home. At D’s suggestion, I cooled it an hour in the fridge (hot day!) and took it out about 1/2 hour before the meal. It was good with dinner. Was happiest after breathing a bit – we put it into our tippy decanter. Jaffelin (Les Chapitres de Jaffelin) 2010 “Bourgogne Pinot Noir.”  Also D bought a new Acme Italian Batard – great bread 🙂

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