Casarecce with grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, and feta – 26 July 2014

main140726I needed to use up the extra grilled eggplant slices that were left over after I used 6 slices for the eggplant sandwiches on … Wednesday the 23rd. I bought a couple of red peppers at the Bowl and heated them on the grill on high to blacken their sides. Even after heating the grill five minutes or so, the first side of the peppers took about 9 minutes. wine140726However, later sides took a lot less time, in a monotonically decreasing series. I think they are getting pre-cooked, though b/c not on the grill, the skin is not blackening. When they meet the grill, the skin is done in short order. I put these into a heatproof, reusable container to let them steam for at least 15 minutes, probably a lot more this time, and then removed the skins, stems, and seeds. I ended up using about one entire pepper in the pasta, and the other is still in the fridge. I cut up the peppers and the pasta into about 1/2″ pieces. I took a couple scoops of D’s tomato sauce from Friday and cut the pieces to be smaller, then added the eggplant and red pepper pieces, plus a small mound of chopped thyme and marjoram from the garden – at least 1 Tbsp after chopping. I cooked this together a bit while the pasta cooked (about 8 oz. Garofalo Casarecce from

D brought home this vase of flowers from their booth today.

D brought home this vase of flowers from their booth today.

Costco – 11 minutes). I scooped some pasta water into the bowls to heat them a minute or two before the pasta was done, then drained the pasta and returned it to the pan. I added about 4 oz Cheese Board French feta, broken up, and mixed it in briefly, then tossed the sauce over the pasta and mixed well. I served up about 3/4 of the pasta for dinner, and made myself a lunch packet for work on Monday. Dinner was good!

D chose a Saint Chinian 2009 from Gerard Bertrand, which we got at Costco b/c it was $11.59 and a Saint Chinian. We liked it quite well. It’s Syrah/Mourvedre.



I made an impulse buy at Cheese Board, seeing this strawberry shortcake just calling out to me from the refrigerator case. It was very tasty, but the pastry was too heavy for it to be really excellent.

While we’re at it:



I went to CB to buy feta and taleggio, and get myself a slice of pizza for lunch. I gave up on the taleggio b/c of the mob at the counter, and on the pizza b/c of the line down the block. However, I decided to buy 1/2 a light-bake pizza and had maybe 1/6 of a whole pizza for lunch. Of course, I forgot the “lagniappe” tendencies of Cheese Board, and when I looked, it was way more than 1/2 pizza.

lunch140726-2-CBPizzaKnowing D&R were also going to bring home pizza… well, see tomorrow. Anyway, I put the slice into the toaster oven for 5 or more minutes (they say 5-8) at 400, but I think that was just a bit too long in the tiny oven.



Opened a bottle of L’Authentique, a very low-priced wine from Trader Joe’s, and it was really good. Amazing. I think this is one of the best bottles we’ve gotten of this wine.

lunch140726-1Oh, and the person at the register at Cheese Board, upon hearing I’d given up on the taleggio, went and got two hunks of it, one cow and one I think sheep, and I just took the smaller (sheep) one without tasting it b/c I was so grateful that she did that. I love the Cheese Board. The taleggio will probably make an appearance on the 29th. And, it was warm enough to eat on the porch 🙂


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