Cheese Board pizza; salad with tomatoes and avocado – 27 July 2014

main140727Great dinner, despite being take-out. As D points out, here is quite a good place to do take-out.

setting140727We had pizza for lunch and dinner today – for dinner, the pizza I had leftover from yesterday’s lunch, when I bought a light-baked half-pizza at The Cheese Board. I decided to slice a Thomas’s (D thinks, and adds “flower people”) tomato that D bought yesterday at the Grand Lake market. I heated the slices 5 minutes at 400 in the toaster oven, and the pizza was terrific. I overcooked it a bit yesterday, so was pleased not to have done that again. The original pizza was mozzarella and asiago, heirloom tomatoes (I saw yellow and red). I missed grabbing the description from this wine140727week’s menu, but next Saturday sounds a lot like it: “Heirloom tomato (from the local Peach Farm), red onion, mozzarella and aged Belgioioso Asiago cheese, garlic olive oil, parsley and oregano.” Great pizza! D made a salad with some of the Thomas’s tomatoes plus one from Tuesday’s market from Dirty Girl Produce, and an XL Haas avocado I bought yesterday at Berkeley Bowl. And some romaine, though it was not easy to find in there! He used the rest of the lunch dressing (still on plates) and made a bit more – olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Great dinner! We had 1/4 bottle of L’authentique (see below) for “cooking wine” and D opened a bottle of 2001 Arricau-Bordes Madiran (from Grocery Outlet), which was really good.



Same deal, except we reheated the Arizmendi pizza that D&R got for lunch yesterday from the Lakeshore location. It was zucchini and fresh corn, and looked like some red tomato in there, too. Very fine pizza! Again, I didn’t copy down the ingredients when I had the chance 😦 For the salad, D made a base of romaine and I cut up some Thomas’s tomatoes onto it, adding a bit of celery, at D’s most excellent suggestion, and included some of the leaves. We had a 1/2 bottle of L’Authentique, a red table wine we get at Trader Joe’s, which I opened yesterday for lunch – good bottle.

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