Spaghetti with tomato/hamburger sauce; salad with tomatoes and celery – 28 July 2014

main140728I got home too late to make the “foccacia” dough I had planned on (even knowing I’d be kinda late, so couldn’t make the pizza I had really planned on) so that is put off a couple of days. Instead, I used the tomato sauce D made the other day, defrosted 6 oz of hamburger from Costco (from early 2013!) salted it well and cooked it to brownness, then added the rest of the tomato sauce. setting140728I also picked a small bunch of small basil leaves and added those after simmering for awhile, but the sauce still had a bunch of time to cook, so the basil was well incorporated by the time we had dinner.

I made a salad to mimic one D inspired and mostly made the other day: romaine as a base, cut up tomatoes (one from Dirty Girl Produce, two from Thomas’s), sliced celery (half a stalk) and celery leaves. I made a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (about 3:1) salt and pepper. Both the salad and the pasta were really tasty.

wine140728The wine was good, too: Cetamura 2012 Chianti (also says “Coltibuono,” which seems to be an importer?) that we got from The Wine Mine. I will have to look it up to see if it was from a tasting [eta: no], or if D just picked it up b/c it was an inviting-looking Chianti for $9. Enjoyed this.

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