Pizza with chard and goat cheese – 29 July 2014

Oh, the trials of having to use up an opened log of Laura Chenel (from Costco) goat cheese 😉 This is a favorite pizza of mine, and D really likes it, too. Even people who don’t like chard like it.


The original recipe is from epicurious, with some excellent modifications from a commenter (“a cook from St. Paul on 02/17/08″) – basically instead of boiling, squeezing, drying, and chopping the chard, and then sauteeing it, you chop it and saute with the garlic directly in olive oil till wilted, then add a smidgen of water, cover, and let steam till thoroughly done (then add 1/4 tsp salt – my measurement, which I managed to forget this time, doing no obvious damage). I used only 5 chard leaves, but they were impressive! The 10 oz bunch of chard ended up being on the minimalist side, but worked ok.



setting140729I’m writing this the 6th, and noting that we also had a salad of lettuce, tomatoes (Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls), and celery, in a simple V&O that D probably mixed up. We invited R to join us for dinner, since he had offered dessert (reminded by seeing his arm in the next photo).



We decided on a 2008 Brutocao zin (Grocery Outlet!) with this, and it was a great match.



R had some leftover salted caramel sauce from the apple “cheesecake pie” he made me last week, and so he made this apple-caramel pie. It has caramel both inside and on the top, and can have more strewn over top when served if you like (duh!).



lunch140729Boy, lotta pictures this day! We were also trying to use up both feta and roasted red peppers, and I decided on a sandwich. I bought Semifreddi ciabatta rolls and sliced off the tops, then cut into 1″ slices, put on feta and red pepper pieces (cut fairly small, for easy eating). D added some chopped oregano from the garden. Turned out to be a great sandwich. At my request, he also made my favorite  avocado/tomato/balsamic vinegar on the side.







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