Omelette with chile sauce; turnip greens – 31 July 2014

D made a sorta omelette tonight, to try out this nifty fermented (?) chili sauce I got at the Tuesday farmers’ market. I’m writing this the 11th of August based on photos, so unfortunately I don’t recall all the details. I do remember, from the size of the serving, that the greens were from the teensy turnips I got from Riverdog. Interestingly, they were not cooked in the time we allotted – tougher than they looked! But they tasted good anyway. The bread looks like the City Bread I bought from The Cheese Board.


main140731-2setting140731I’m really unhappy I didn’t write the omelette ingredients down immediately. Clearly there are red onions, but I don’t know what the green things are – parsley, no doubt, but peppers, too? It was a delicious concoction. Also do not remember which cheese D used in it. Feta? Rats. He did put 1 tsp or so of the chile sauce, with a couple of eggs or possibly three.



We had this Cupcake chardonnay from Costco in the fridge since our houseguests were here, and D decided this was the night to have it. We were unfortunately not impressed with it – it was fine, just nothing terribly special.


For dessert, though – very impressed! R brought over a small vat of ice cream he had made using the blackberries that grow as weeds at the edge of both of our back yards. Incredible!


lunch140731More teeny turnips, farmers’ market carrots, an avocado on its way out, and a sandwich on Cheese Board City Bread. With what? Cheese, no doubt, but I don’t recall which one. Possibly the Tillamook Cheddar, which we’d had a few times lately.


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