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Pizza with tomatoes, gorgonzola, and sage – 31 August 2014

This is a follow-on to last night’s pizza. I created a pizza recipe from a pasta recipe in The Pasta Bible; tonight’s is a pizza based on a pasta based on two pastas from The Pasta Bible 🙂 [A pasta … Continue reading

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Nasturtium pizza – 30 August 2014

I decided to make up a new pizza, to use up at least something in the fridge. But what would it be? I decided to play off the nasturtium pasta recipe I make from The Pasta Bible, since I had … Continue reading

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Skirt steak sandwiches with cilantro sauce; beet greens; cold veggies – 19 August 2014

Easy dinner tonight. A couple nights ago we had half an Acme Sweet Rustic baguette left over, so I cut it in two and froze the pieces, anticipating making sandwiches with them. We had a bit of the grilled skirt … Continue reading

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Skirt steak with cumin rub and cilantro sauce; collards with bacon; potatoes with rosemary; Greek salad – 17 August 2014

D&R were going to be helping out their friend R today and tomorrow. I suggested D invite R to stay over at our house between the events, but he didn’t get around to mentioning it to R till during the … Continue reading

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