Skirt steak sandwiches with cilantro sauce; beet greens; cold veggies – 19 August 2014

main140819Easy dinner tonight. A couple nights ago we had half an Acme Sweet Rustic baguette left over, so I cut it in two and froze the pieces, anticipating making sandwiches with them. We had a bit of the grilled skirt steak, too, which was an obvious match. Tonight I cut the skirt steak at an angle to the grain into maybe 3/8″ or 1/4″ thick slices for the sandwiches, and there is still a small piece left that D&R might want to sprinkle on a salad or something for lunch. setting140819On my sandwich, I spread mayonnaise on the bottom below the beef (to hold it on, and to provide moisture), topped the beef with romaine, and spread cilantro sauce (from The Cheese Board on Saturday) somewhat generously on the top baguette piece. It was a GREAT sandwich!

At lunchtime, D noticed that the second bag of beet greens had some grotty bits, so he removed them, and I had an easy time cleaning up the remaining leaves for dinner. I minced a clove of garlic and tossed it in oil that was a bit too hot, wine140819unfortunately, then followed it with the greens, stirred them till they were well wilted, added a teensy bit of water, covered, and let them steam on low till I was ready to serve, which was not long. Meanwhile, I cleaned up four baby turnips, two for each of us, and one of the Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls I got at the market today, which got bunged up a bit and wanted immediate eating. It, also, was entirely delicious.

We had an Alta Zin that was opened for a tasting, but when we tried it it didn’t taste that good, unfortunately. D got out the other opened red from the same tasting, CalStar Russian River Pinot Noir (2013) and it was lovely.


lunch140819D noted that we had a lot of romaine, and some leftover tuna (half a can) plus two hard boiled eggs and other random salady things (sugar snap peas and radishes come to mind, and perhaps a carrot), so he put together a most excellent salad, with a lemon/oil dressing. It was terrific. I defrosted the small bit of Rustic Sweet baguette left over from last evening’s wine and cheese fest, and we had those little pieces with lunch (not to be confused with the baguette pieces above, which were from the previous night!). We each had a glass of another CalStar wine opened for tasting. What a wine-week!

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