Spaghetti with tomato sauce, with hamburger, mushrooms, and padron peppers – 1 September 2014

main140901setting140901D took the fresh tomato sauce he’d made last week, and updated it with padron peppers and mushrooms. He cooked these, and I think some garlic, in the bacon fat (some of it) that was left over from lunch (see below). Then he stirred in the hamburger sauce from last week to mix in the new ingredients. It was super!


I had defrosted the loaf (from Friday) of Acme Pain au Levain for lunch, and we had some of that. I love the “attitude” of Levain loaves! D brought up a bottle of a Cotes du Rhone Villages called Valreas, a favorite from Trader Joe’s, which we greatly enjoyed. We had dinner in the sunroom with windows wide open. I expect that we will have more warm weather when September gets truly underway, but this is the last day for at least a week, and we finally managed to take advantage of it.


BATs, because we had no "L"

BATs, because we had no “L”

We used up 3 slices of bacon making three sandwiches, each with a full slice of bread from the center of the round loaf, the slice cut in half; and then we cut one sandwich in half. The plan was to have BLTs to use up the bacon, but it turned out we had no “L,” and the Bowl was closed for Labor Day, so D suggested we try the arugula in the fridge, left over from some pizza or other no doubt. It was great! Lots of mayonnaise is, IMO, also a key to the deliciousness of this sandwich, in its L or A form. The tomatoes were from Tomatero Farm at the Grand Lake Market. The carrot and (per R) “hella-rad” were also from the market.

Pain au Levain with ironic look

Pain au Levain with ironic look

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