Caprese salad; cranberry beans – 2 September 2014

main140902I still had one ball of mozzarella di bufala (Gustosella) in the fridge (in its great new packaging) from over a week ago, and wealso has some basil in a glass on the island waiting to be used. That, and the fact it was “finance night” made this easy dinner a good choice. I sliced the mozz and left it on a sloped cutting board to drain for perhaps an hour. setting140902Then I stacked mozz, basil leaves (torn up, so they don’t pull out all in one bite), a tomato slice, salt and pepper, and a bit of anchovy. I usually scatter capers about, but it turned out we had forgotten to buy more when we ran out, so the salty flavorful tastes were limited to the anchovies.  I drizzled olive oil over everything. That’s it.

D also heated up a bit of the fresh cranberry beans that he had cooked up with rosemary and garlic. They are delicious that way! I’m writing this on the 7th, so just guessing that we defrosted some random Acme baguette for our bread.

wine140902D brought up a bottle of wine that says “Centine, 2010 Toscana”. We got this at Trader Joe’s some time ago, and it was pretty good. Nothing to write home about in ecstasy, but quite enjoyable. It cost $9.99.



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