Pizza with pistachios at Pizza Moda – 4 September 2014


D called about 6:30 and said let’s go to Pizza Moda. I was unenthusiastic since I wasn’t really ready to go out, but I managed to get ready quickly enough, and we had a really good pizza there. Not the best we’ve had at this restaurant, but very interesting and satisfying.



The pizza is tomato-sauce based, and has goat cheese and pistachios (evidently ground) and parsley over the top in pretty julienne strips. I think the nuts are in the sauce – they add texture, but are not extremely crunchy, so perhaps are cooked in a bit? This is the big Yelp winner, so we had to try it. It really is very good, but not nearly as good as the pear and gorgonzola pizza we had on our first visit in January. Or the potato one on our second visit, not too much later. We missed going back for asparagus, but there are other springs.

The olives (gratis) are outstanding!



D chose a wine called Roccamora, a Negroamaro. It also says “Schola Sarmenti” and “Nardo Rosso”. The wine was good and enjoyable, but not exciting – a little round around the edges, without special character to it. Still – quite enjoyable and fine with this pizza.  The wines at Pizza Moda are not overpriced, which is one reason we like to come here. I don’t think there’s anything above $30.




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