Sausages and grapes; collard greens – 5 Sept 2014

D went to the Bowl today and got sausages, which I had suggested both for our fall friendly recipe sausages and grapes, and also to put into the freezer for random future use, for example, in spaghetti sauces.We had a variant of the usual sausages and grapes tonight, because…

main140905…the Bowl was out of mild Italian sausages in casings, but had sausage meat ($1/lb cheaper) so D bought just over 1/2 lb of that (.55 lb). I looked up the original recipe on epicurious, which, when divided by 3, called for 2/3lb sausages for two people, and 2/3lb red seedless grapes. 0.55 lb sausages worked fine. I cooked the sausage in 2 tsp olive oil, breaking up the sausage as it cooked. I kept finding very pink parts, so cooked till serious browning was evident. Then I added the washed grapes, and stirred them in. I lowered the heat to medium and left them, turning over from time to time for perhaps 15 min. I had earlier washed up the rest of the collards I bought quite awhile ago (still in great shape!) for dinner with our guest R on the 17th of August. setting140905I stemmed them and washed the leaf-halves, and left them stacked up till the sausages and grapes were almost done. I rolled the leaves up tight, then cut crosswise into thin ( a bit over 1/8″) strips. Given the amount of meat in this meal already, and the fact that our only bacon at this point is frozen, I decided to cook the collards without bacon this time. I warmed perhaps 1 1/2 Tbsp butter in a medium frying pan, and left it just a bit too long so it started to brown. Decided brown butter was probably a plus, so I tossed in the collards. I stirred them and cooked till the wilted well, then covered the pan and left on low. I used a Revere Ware pan instead of cast iron, so knew it would not hold heat and continue to cook without the burner on, so I left on low.

After the sausages and grapes were thoroughly cooked, I added 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp Costco balsamic vinegar, stirred, and cooked down for a minute or two, then served evwine140905erything. It was good, and the collards were a neat combination with the sausages and grapes, especially in the same bite. Also had a small slice of the Acme Long Italian, which I froze this morning and defrosted for dinner. Not in too bad shape for its age 😉

D chose a wine that was a gift from the winemaker, our friend M: “People’s Wine Revolution 2012 Bea’s Knees Petite Syrah. We enjoyed it, and both agreed that it mellowed significantly after opening, so will treat the next bottle to a tour of our rolly decanter and see what it’s like. D is talking about buying a mixed case of their grenache, vigonier, and petite syrah, with some zin thrown in for good measure.

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