Spaghetti with cranberry beans, garlic, and breadcrumbs; garlic bread – 7 September 2014

main140907setting140907D wanted to use up the delicious fresh cranberry beans he cooked this week, and was inspired by a cookbook I bought on Saturday, One Good Dish, by David Tanis. He has a whole section on using up old bread! D used a mortar and pestle to pound some dried bread into crumbs for this dish. He cooked red onion in olive oil for a few minutes, then added some peeled garlic cloves, and the beans with all their remaining cooking water (which boiled off during this preparation, and was replaced by some red wine). He thinks he should have started the garlic earlier, perhaps with the onions or a bit after, so it would have cooked a bit more. Good though.

bread140907-garlicbreadHe also took out the last of the Long Italian loaf from Acme that I froze a few days ago (heading into some breadless meals) and made garlic bread out of it. He sliced it most of the way through, put pats of butter between the slices, and broiled it a bit, scorching the top. No idea why he didn’t just put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes at 400. But anyway – then he added garlic chunks and put back into the oven, which was warm from the broiler, though the broiler was now turned off. It was quite good, despite the black top!




We went to a Wine Mine tasting on Saturday and got this Li Velli Primonero (2012), despite not actually tasting it (they ran out of the opened bottle before we got there 15 minutes before the tasting ended). It was quite good, and for $10, a good value. I was happier with it after D aired it in our rolly decanter.





lunch140907With astonishing restraint, we each left a piece of tomato tars from last night’s dinner for lunch today. Added a nice salad, and wine. My friend A at work had leftover lettuce from a lunch – nice, clean and chopped romaine – and gave me a bag of it. I used this as the base of a salad, and added to each of our plates 1/4 of an XXXL Haas avocado I bought at the Bowl yesterday. I cut up several Kalamata olives – probably only four, they’re big lunchwine140907– that were extras unused in the Greek salad I made awhile ago (just scooped them up from the olive bin without counting) into four slices each, and strewed them over the top. I made a dressing with about 1 Tbsp or 1 1/2 Tbsp avocado oil and perhaps 1/4 as much white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, mixed well, and spooned it over the tops of the salads. D chose a 2011 J. Vidal Fleury  Cotes du Rhone Viognier that we got some time ago at The Wine Mine for $12.50. We decided we’re not crazy about it, but today I thought it might be good with grilled chicken thighs or something like that. Will try it. The bottle says the winery is the oldest continuously operating winery in the Rhone Valley!

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  1. This looks delicious! I will have to try it 🙂

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