Rice, crispy lettuce, salsa, and carnitas at a nighttime event – 10 September 2014

I neglected to take a picture of dinner, which was eaten mostly in the dark outside the door of the auditorium, watching a talk that was already underway when I arrived. However, there was a lot of the delicious stuff left over, and I was encouraged to take some for myself. I managed to take the photo at lunch on the 11th, outdoors in the warm sun, so it is subbing for the dinner photo here.

main140910-takenlunch140911There was red rice – I assume this is Spanish Rice, but I didn’t place the take-out order – then some finely-cut romaine, topped by an outstanding salsa, and the most fantastic carnitas I’ve had in ages – thoroughly cooked, and then apparently crisped on the edges. To take my leftovers, I put the rice and carnitas on one tiny paper plate and covered in foil. I put a scoop of  the romaine and a scoop of salsa on another plate and covered, then stashed in our department fridge for lunch the next day. I microwaved the rice and carnitas, then put the cold things over the top. Fantastic lunch, too 🙂

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