Nachos with black beans and salsa – 11 Sept 2014

main140911setting140911I brought home excellent leftover salsa and some black beans from an event at work, and we made nachos with them, using up our Costco $3 mega-bag of tortilla chips. The chips were a bit under the weather, and I tried an online idea of microwaving them 30 seconds – and then a second 30 seconds – and that didn’t do much, so I put them under the broiler, down more than a foot, so it was more like a hot oven, and they were improved a bit.

wine140911-beeractuallyWe grated some fairly well-aged (not as though it was intentional?) Monterey Jack over them and broiled briefly till the cheese melted, and topped with the heated beans, and the unheated salsa. It was good but not fabulous. When D went to the Bowl get the cranberry beans for tomorrow, he bought the Jack, and also a good Belgian ale called Afflinger Tripel. This is the right thing to have with Nachos.

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1 Response to Nachos with black beans and salsa – 11 Sept 2014

  1. Your nachos look absolutely glorious! Really loving your addition of black beans – and even better that you were able to reuse them! If you have a minute, I’d love your thoughts on my vegan nachos! 🙂

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