Pizza with tomatoes, basil, and cheeses – 4 October 2014

Out of bread and with asiago in the fridge and basil in the garden, D&I decided this pizza would be a good choice for dinner.

main141004I bought tomatoes from Riverdog farm at the market this morning, and sliced these into 4-5 slices each, excluding the very ends (which I ate!). I pulled about 2 dozen leaves from our happy basil plant, which I bought as an adult plant (or plants, really) at the Bowl some weeks back. lagniappe141004I think it’s supposed to be an indoor, all-winter thing, but we planted it and it seems very happy about that, except for the snail bites on some leaves. This turned out to be too much basil, so I put maybe 1/5 of the total into the tomato sauce in the fridge, which D made out of three bargain bags of tomatoes from the Bowl, with the intention to freeze some for easy future dinners. We had some of this a few days ago.

pizza141004The pizza was made with 1/3 crust, which I pre-baked 1.5 mins, then brushed with about 2 Tbsp olive oil with smooshed garlic, then topped with a small cord of red onion, sliced as thinly as I could do without the Benriner (and not thin enough, IMO). Next time maybe put the onions atop the cheese so they cook more. Not bad, just not optimal, either. I grated about 4 oz part-skim mozzarella and 2 oz asiago and fine-grated about 1 oz parmaggiano. Mixed the parm and mozz, and setting141004put maybe 3/4 of it over the onions, then topped with tomato slices, salted and peppered them, mixed the asiago with the remaining mozz and parm and topped the tomatoes with this, then baked 6 mins. Topped with torn basil leaves and served. We got to eat in the sunroom b/c it was another very hot day, and the evening was still pleasant, though it was 8pm by the time we had dinner.

wine141004D decided we should have Barbazzale – a second bottle I bought from The Wine Mine, after we decided the first should have been aired longer. I thought there was not enough time to air it – at most 2 hrs till dinner (last time I think we decided 4 hours would be good) – but it turned out to open up pretty nicely and we enjoyed it. D did put it immediately into the rolly thing when he opened it at 6. The bottle also says “Cottanera,” and the denominazione is Etna.

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