Fig and Gorgonzola pizza at Pizza Moda – 29 October 2014

main141029My friend B warned me that the fig pizza would be “seasoned out” at Pizza Moda at the end of the month – which means, at the end of this week! So I convinced D (not hard) that we should go back there for their $15 wine night on Wednesday and try this pizza. I expect that the recipe is almost identical to the pear and gorgonzola pizza that sold us on this little restaurant on our first visit in setting141029January, just with figs instead of pears. The pizza was really good, and we chose a wine that had gone well with the pear pizza, and, unsurprisingly, it went well with this one, too. There is mozzarella on the pizza as well as gorgonzola, and caramelized onions (they looked red). The gorgonzola is not everywhere – just dotted on – so the mozz is the cheese in every bite, and it’s not overdone.

Here’s how the menu describes it:

wine141029Fig and Gorgonzola — caramelized onions, arugula 14/18 (Add prosciutto — $2/$3)

We didn’t add the prosciutto, but lagniappe141029I expect it would be great – wrapping stuffed figs in prosciutto and grilling them is a favorite treat that I make much too seldom.

The wine was a Los Hermanos Verdejo – just gently sweet enough for this pizza (and the pear one). We were offered an ice bucket, and I said yes to it – good call. The meal starts with excellent olives, gratis. This is a wonderful restaurant, that always makes me happy to be there.lagniappe141029-2

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