Goodbye, Summer: The last tomato tart – 2 November 2014

main141102We decided to use up what is likely the last batch of dry-farmed early girl tomatoes from Dirty Girl Produce today, with a tomato tart for dinner, and avocado and tomato for lunch. The tart was really excellent – so maybe using thinner tomatoes and less cheese than usual was a good idea.

setting141102I didn’t realize when advocating for lunch that there really weren’t that many tomatoes left, so ended up cutting the teeny little guys thinner than usual, and putting them on the tart sort of randomly, instead of overlapping. I bought some incredible leeks at Berkeley Bowl – the white parts were close to a foot long, and then had no extra leaves to speak of, and three of them were in a bunch for $2.09. wine141102No idea why so cheap. Anyway, a single one of these leeks provided the ~1/2 lb of white part needed for the tart. I used up every last bit of tomato I had, even cutting away bad spots on a couple and rescuing the rest (not easy on tomatoes this small!) to have a good supply. I picked about 18 large basil leaves from our plant in the garden, and washed and tore those, and used up the last of the English Sharp Cheddar that I bought for a previous edition of this tart. The cooking time was more like 35 minutes than 50, probably b/c of the small oven. D chose our well-loved Domaine la Milliere Vin de Pays de Vaucluse from North Berkeley Wines – it was a really good bottle, though D thought it wasn’t the best we’ve had of this wine.



D cut up the three best (b/c not going to be cooked) of the remaining tomatoes and mixed them with a cut up avocado, a bit of finely diced shallot, some balsamic vinegar and some Worcestershire sauce. Fantastic flavor! He served this alongside some raw haricots from the Bowl, a “Bocconcino di Langa” sheep’s milk brie sort of thing (“soft ripened cheese”) also from the Bowl, and an apple from our tree. lunch141102I mostly had the cheese with some bread slices from the freezer, b/c I thought it didn’t go that great with the apple, and D agreed. It was really good cheese, however! We had the other half of the Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that D opened for lunch yesterday.

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