Pesto with extra toasted pine nuts and grated parmaggiano; button squash with onions – 4 November 2014

main141104setting141104D got home early – quarter to 7 – but still wanted to make something really quick. The bargain-bag tomatoes that he bought the other day have had their skins loosened by spending a minute or two in boiling water, and are sitting in the fridge; but D didn’t want to make up a sauce b/c to do a good job, it would take an hour or so. I suggested he defrost some pesto cubes for a wine141104quick dinner, and remarkably, he took my suggestion 😉 He defrosted two ice-cubes of pesto, and apparently I had written on the container that they might need more oil, and more nuts. Pesto always needs more oil, but the nuts admonition was different. D mixed in some olive oil, and cooked a bunch of pine nuts in the small Revere frying pan, and put them over the top when serving. He served this over spaghetti. He also cooked up the second half of a zucchini-green large button squash that I bought at the Grand Lake market (I think – or was it in Berkeley?) a couple weeks ago. He added in some onion to this. He chose another Caminetto wine from Grocery Outlet, their Toscana Rosso, and we really enjoyed it. We had a bit more of the Acme Pain au Levain, a wonderful bread.

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