Squash and feta pizza from Arizmendi – 7 November 2014

main141107I needed to bring D&R a pizza at their event, and we again settled on Arizmendi in Emeryville, whose menu is easy to read. (For the Lakeshore store, you have to be on Facebook! Forget it!) Except, remarkably, when I arrived I saw that the pizza menu board had two lines written at the bottom, but a large black space (it’s a blackboard) at the top. Checking against the weekly menu, I saw that “caramelized onions” had evidently been erased – queried, the team said yes, they had run out of caramelized onions.

lagniappe141107setting141107One member sweetly offered me a thin tasting slice, and it was still delicious, so I bought the pizza – but I do think it would have been even better with the onions. The other mentioned ingredients are butternut squash, feta, and rosemary oil. I brought most of the pizza to D&R, taking two pieces for my own dinner. I also bought “pumpkin and chocolate” scones, one for each of us. they’re huge, so I may save half of mine for morning, and have it with my coffee.

dessert141107-sconeOr maybe not. Wow, this is good!







I thought there was a bottle of Entre-deux-meres in the fridge, but I was mistaken – only a rare and treasured Eric Stauffenegger wine that I would not open without D here. So I dug around in the basement a bit and found some bottles of the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Nobilo, which I think we got last time at Costco. These are not rare, so I poured the bottle into two half-bottles (easier to chill) and stuck one in ice water, and set a timer for 15 minutes (would have been good if I’d checked the wine before taking my shower…) D’s Dad P called, which delayed dinner slightly, and allowed the wine more time to cool. In the end, it was not a perfect wine for the pizza, though I’d be hard pressed to say what was not quite right about the match.

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