Pizza Margherita (or almost) – 8 November 2014

main141108We were almost out of bread, so of course I spied a pizza opportunity. I had run across a 1/2 cup aliquot of Margherita sauce in the freezer the other day, we have a luxuriously growing basil plant in the back yard, and we were driving downtown, which is where The Cheese Board is, and they have Gustosella buffalo mozzarella. All good.

setting141108I defrosted what I think is the last “1/2 crust” in the freezer, the others being 1/3 crusts, and let it rise for an hour or more before rounding it up and spreading it out on the bread board. I tasted the Margherita sauce, b/c I remembered that a recent one was not that great, and this was the case – tasted too much like tomato paste. So I added some torn bits of basil before heating the sauce, and also salted it. I tore up in total about 2 dozen basil leaves, of the large-but-not-giant variety. Bought two Gustosella packets, but used only 1 1/2 of them – could have used both on the pizza, but by the time I was certain of that, the last 1/2 ball was still in brine and not drained, so I didn’t get it out, just rearranged a couple of slices of cheese on the pizza.

Pizza with Margherita sauce, then pesto

Pizza with Margherita sauce, then pesto

wine141108I pre-cooked the crust 1 1/2 minutes, then brushed with olive oil – I think between 1 and 1 1/2 Tbsp – topped with the Margherita sauce, and then added a couple Tbsp or less of some leftover pesto, with added oilve oil for drippiness. Laid on the cheese, and baked 5 1/2 or 6 minutes, then topped with the rest of the torn basil leaves, and served.

D chose a new wine from The Wine Mine – a Cotes du  Jura called “Trousseau” (2011) from Charles Rougel, bottled by Frederic Lornet, L’Abbaye de Genne. We really enjoyed this, and would buy it again. It was $16.50 – not cheap, but in the range for weekend wine. It was amazingly lightly colored. – an almost transparent red.

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