Grilled cheese sandwiches; pan-toasted almonds; leftover fruit salad – 13 November 2014

main141113D&R went to a potluck lunch today, and D made a nice fruit salad. He went to the Bowl to buy the fruit, and as luck would have it, found a variety of good-looking fruits on the bargain shelves. He put in yellow melon and cantaloupe, kiwi, blackberries, tangerine sections, and bananas. He forgot to add grapes, not that it needed anything. setting141113He did pan-toast some whole, raw almonds and add them, which was a nice touch. There was salad left over, and we discussed having it over yogurt for dinner. That would have been really good, but it would have required a shopping trip right before dinner, so we settled on my alternative proposal of cheese sandwiches, with fruit salad on the side.

wine141113D made the sandwiches, using more of the Acme Sweet Batard he bought yesterday, spread with a bit of mayonnaise, and using Comte cheese he bought at the Bowl recently. He grilled this in a cast iron frying pan, putting the butter into the pan, rather than spreading it on the sandwich the way I learned from watching my mother. The sandwich was excellent.

We opened a bottle of Moulin de Ferrand Entre-deux-mers, 2012, A Sauignon/ Semillon mix, which we get at the Bowl for $8.99, and it was good with this dinner, though for some reason I got a bitter taste off it late in the meal. All in all, a satisfying, and very easy (well, given the fruit salad was already made) dinner.


Wine has sparkly bits!


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