Spaghetti with fresh tomato/mushroom/hamburger sauce – 14 November 2014

main141114setting141114Both of us got home early. D was thinking of making a sorrel soup, and I was going to call him and offer to defrost some hamburger to add to the fresh tomato sauce, to which he had added mushrooms for its second incarnation Wednesday night. I was leaning towards that b/c we now have Friday Wine again, having bought some at the Bowl on Sunday, in a 2-case purchase along with our shopping trip for R’s birthday food.



D ended up defrosting the hamburger (likely a ~1/2 lb packet) and updating the sauce, but chose to take out a Spanish wine we got at The Wine Mine at their garnacha/grenache tasting a few weeks ago. It’s called Garnacha Centenaria (2012) from Coto de Hayas. We thought it was well priced at $13, and bought a few bottles when we had the chance. We were pleased with it tonight, and are happy we have more of it! Had the last of the Acme Sweet Batard to go with dinner.

"Humperdrump" and "Happiness duck" were table decorations for awhile.

“Humperdrump” and “Happiness duck” were table decorations for awhile.

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