Spaghetti with leftover sauce; bruschetta with fresh mozzarella and pesto – 16 November 2014

main141116We realized today that we had a lot of bits and pieces in the fridge that wanted eating. We came up with the idea of using the leftover 1/2 ball of Gustosella mozzarella di bufala on bruschettae, along with the remainder of the pesto made for R’s birthday dinner, which has been sitting in the fridge in the little Cuisinart since then.

lunchmain141116D put all of this together, as a side dish to the rest of the hamburger spaghetti sauce we had a couple nights ago. Aside from some newly added fresh parsley, which was a vivid green, the sauce was the same. wine141116D noted that the padron chilis had calmed down a bit – they were hot, but not so hot as to destroy enjoyment of flavor.

The bread was a new Acme Italian Batard, always excellent.

D took out another wine from the shipment from P, evidently from Cosentino winery. This one was called “Eagles Canyon” and was a 2013 Cab, at a mere 12.5% alcohol, and congratulations to the eagles for that. It was decent in flavor, with no negatives, but not especially exciting, either. I really want to have this with some excellent hamburgers, so we will have the second (last) bottle with those sometime before we forget.


D suggested we have sandwiches made with the new “Grottone” cheese, and grilled. He put nothing between the breads other than the cheese (no mayonnaise) and just grilled the sandwiches in the cast iron frying pan in a goodly amount of butter. Excellent sandwiches! He found some yellow Romano beans at the Bowl and bought just enough for one meal, and cooked them today b/c he thought they seemed rather delicate. They were excellent, so I hope he gets more when he next shops. I neglected to get a picture of them, unfortunately, though I did shoot the two glasses of white zin, from the second half of the bottle we opened yesterday. The six vertical wallpieces behind made an interesting pattern when refracted through the glasses, though it was harder to see once the glasses were covered in condensation, which happened rather quickly.


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