Spaghetti with mushrooms, pine nuts, and parsley; bruschetta with fresh cranberry beans – 20 November 2014

main141120D decided to cook his signature pasta – mushrooms and pine nuts, cooked in oil, with parsley added – to go with a bruschetta of the last of the cranberry beans.


Aside from the fact that he thought that he should have heated the beans (true, but they were fine this way, too – once salted a bit) it was a great dinner. We had the last tiny bit of the sourdough loaf, and the fifth type of wine from the case from D’s Dad P.





The wine was quite good, I thought – a 2013 Australian Shiraz called Parker Bros. It’s 13.5% alcohol, putting to lie the idea I had that this was an intentionally low-alcohol case the producers had assembled.






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