Omelette; frozen peas; cauliflower in two colors – 21 November 2014

main141121veggie141121I evidently completely failed to write anything down about this dinner. Clearly an omelette, and clearly D made it. I remember him wanting to use up the peas in the freezer, and almost tossing them b/c the package smelled freezery, but I tasted one and it was fine, so we ate them up. Looks like sourdough from Acme, as a best guess. How do I know this? D handed out fresh cauliflower – white and green, for a first veggie.

wine141121Aha. Now that I’ve uploaded the wine-and-bread shot, I’m more convinced about the bread. Unfortunately I don’t remember this wine. The larger original photo reveals “Cotes de Gascogne” at the bottom of the label, an I’m pretty sure that would have been from Berkeley Bowl. Perhaps D can chime in if I remember to ask him.


One of my wonderful students gave me these cute and yummy critters as a thank you present today, and I sweetly brought them home to share. Ok, most of them…


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