“Poblano quiche,” baby bok choi – 23 November 2014

main141123I bought eggs, and then D also bought eggs, so we have a couple dozen to use up. Not a problem 🙂 I remembered this recipe when I saw some very happy-looking poblanos at the Bowl, and bought a very grillable one (flat!). I roasted the pepper last evening, when I was grilling beef and zucchini for dinner, and left it in a tightly closed heat-resistant container. Unfortunately, left it out overnight, but it seemed none the worse for wear when I put it into the fridge this morning.

setting141123This is a recipe from Mexico the Beautiful, and a big favorite of mine. Per person: 1/4 cup grated Monterey Jack in the bottom of an overproof casuelita, something up to half a roasted poblano, cut into small pieces, then a well-mixed egg, 1/4 cup cream, and 1/8 tsp salt poured over the top. For the two of use, I used twice this much. While the oven preheats and you are assembling the ingredients, boil the water that will sit around the dishes in the oven. I pour a bit of the boiling water into the baking dish and set the casuelitas into it, then pour in a lot more boiling water, almost to the level of the custard inside the bowls. Bake up to 40 minutes at 350.

wine141123I asked D if he’d like a salad or baby bok choi to go with this, and, to my surprise, he said the bok choi, so I cleaned and cut up the three plants I had bought and cooked them in butter and olive oil, with a bit of salt, till they were quite done.

R helped out at a CalStar wine tasting, and texted D at 5pm to see if we could use a chardonnay for dinner. Auspicious. He delivered an opened but almost unused 2o12 Sonoma Coast chard, which was most excellent. We had a bit more of the Acme sweet batard, and that was dinner. Really satisfying dinner 🙂



lunchmain141123Pea soup! Pea soup! I finally made a google spreadsheet of all the soups we make, some more often than others. This must be the simplest soup in the world. Pick over and wash a pint of green split peas, boil them in 2 1/2 quarts water with some meaty smoked pork things (in this case ham hocks) for an hour or an hour and a half. ingredient141122

I tossed in a bay leaf this time, which I think was a good idea, and also I used some exceptionally meaty bones – a Sunnyvalley Ham Shank – and could probably have saved the meatiest, middle  piece for another soup. Terrific product, as far as I can see.


Pea soup, just starting to cook

After cooking, I remove the meat and let it cool, then return it to the soup. The soup can be refrigerated overnight so the fat rises to the top and can be easily removed. This soup had almost no fat, which surprised me. I cut up the discarded ham bits for our feral cats, who appreciated the gesture.


Done boiling – ready to remove the meat, cool it, and cut up to return to the soup


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