Matsutake mushroom “quiche”; pear and walnut salad – 24 November 2014

main141124Last night, I noted that I had another 1/2 cup of cream to use up, and D wondered if he could find porcini to do his porcini version (with scamorze) of the same dish. Then he thought that any mushroom would be of interest, and he ended up buying some that he thinks were called matsutake. They were very dirty, and very difficult to clean, but when I cooked up a bit to taste (to choose a cheese from the fridge) they were also very delicious. And crunchy. So I really REALLY worked on the rest of the mushrooms to get them clean, and succeeded remarkably setting141124well. The original little bit I cooked up I tasted with each of the cheeses in the fridge – Hoch Ybrig (which won), Grottone, Krauter Schatz, and Monterey Jack. The HY is most similar to gruyere, and the blend of mushrooms and cheese turned out to be quite good. Recipe is in yesterday’s post, just change poblanos to mushrooms and Jack to Hoch Ybrig.

I washed up some romaine and defrosted a small handful of walnuts, and when D got home I had him decree whether the pear was ready for salad, or wanted to wait some more. He said it was ready (had thought it softening by lunchtime, though I was not as sure) so I cut it up. wine141124This is a Bartlett from the Bowl. It was probably three hours short of perfect 🙂 I made a dressing of olive oil and red raspberry vinegar, salt, and pepper. Good salad.

D was going to open the last kind of wine in the case from his Dad P, a Chenin Blanc, but I said I thought this was more a red wine dinner. I was thinking of the mushroom/egg dish, obviously, not the salad. He brought up a Koononga Hill Shiraz/Cab (2008) from Costco, and it was good with the quiche, but not optimal with the salad – so we ate that while not-drinking wine. Also D bought a new Acme Sour Batard today, and we had that with dinner.

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