Omelette with chili sauce and basil; salad – 26 November 2014

main141126We had no ideas, and two dozen eggs (by accident) so an omelette seemed just the thing. I suggested to D that he use the chili sauce I got from a friend this summer at the Berkeley Tuesday farmers’ market. He started by cooking some diced yellow onion in butter, then tossed in the mixture of eggs, basil, salt and pepper (no doubt) and chili sauce, and cooked the omelette till nearly done, then tossed on grated Monterey Jack. It was a terrific omelette! I sliced the rest of the aging (dry, not stale) sourdough loaf and toasted it in the toaster oven, by heating at 400 for a few minutes (b/c the “toast” setting is broken) and then buttered the pieces. setting141126We had more of the leftover salad from our students’ event last evening, and it was still quite fresh and good. (This has meat bits in it, but the omelette is a great veggie dish, so I’m marking this meatless to call attention to that.) Not sure what the white dressing is – ranch? It’s not blue cheese, anyway. Good.


D chose the last of the new wines from his Dad P, a chenin blanc from South Africa, called “Sandstone Estates” (2013). We quite enjoyed this one, and D thought it was the best of the case, with the possible exception of the Shiraz. It was not a wimpy, sweet wine, which was what he kind of expected it to be.





lunchmain141126We were planning to have cheese and bread, and I chose an Acme Walnut Levain this morning. However, D&R had to go early to work, and took their portions, so I was on my own. I had bits of Hock Ybrig, Grottone, and Krauter Schatz, and then spread some buffalo gorgonzola on my favorite apple from our tree. A delicious lunch! I also made up three Medjool dates stuffed with Brazil nuts for dessert. I am not crazy about these dates, unfortunately, but this is a great treat with the right dates. Had a bit of the leftover Madiran from… last night?

Acme Walnut Levain

Acme Walnut Levain

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