Omelette with green sauce and sheep ricotta; celery root salad – 28 November 2014

main141128We had two extra eggwhites to use up, and leftover salsa verde too, so D made an omelette with both. He added two eggs to the two eggwhites, salt and pepper, and stirred in the green sauce – probably 2 Tbsp of it. He actually started by cooking some chopped yellow onion in butter, then added more butter and tossed in the egg mixture to cook.

setting141128He made another salad to use up the matchsticks of celery root, and put them over a bed of curly lettuce. We used dressings from the Tuesday event at work, which were provided in those little 2 Tbsp plastic containers. D had the white one – ranch? – and I tried a different V&O than I had at lunch.


I made toast from two slices through pretty much the center of the loaf of no-knead bread D made for TG dinner yesterday, and buttered them. We had Friday Wine (this from Berkeley Bowl) – Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2011) though not the best bottle we’ve had. Good, just not fabulous.



Later, D cut us two tiny slices of leftover TG dessert from R – a great way to end the day!




This is not the meatless part, sry: We ate up the last of the fresh tagliatelle with the cinghiale sauce. Ilunchmain141128 cut the noodles into short pieces, perhaps 1″ or so long, and reheated them in oil with the rest of the boar sauce, covered so as to heat well on a low burner. It turned out great. We had some more of the celery root matchsticks over the curly lettuce, topped with salad dressings from my students’ event Tuesday. I tried the lighter V&O this time. Good lunch.

Bread that D made yesterday

Bread that D made yesterday – bottom view

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