Omelette with chervil and sheep ricotta; salad with persimmons and walnuts – 29 November 2014

main141129D wanted to use up the rest of the beautiful chervil and we still have his bread from TG, so we decided on an omelette with toast. I suggested I make a salad with the persimmon I bought last week, and D thought that was a good idea. main141129-2The omelette had only sheep ricotta, about 1/3 cup of chervil (for 3 eggs), milk, salt, and pepper. He cooked it per Julia Child, which is why he is the omelette setting141129maker most of the time.  It was a little too bland, we both thought. The ricotta might just be too tame to fight back against even the eggs. D wants to buy some Comte b/c he loves the way it melts. I toasted two slices of bread through more or less the center of the loaf D made on TG (started the day before, of course) in the toaster oven, and buttered them.

wine141129I used more of the curly lettuce D bought for TG dinner, and a couple of leaves of nice romaine as a bed, and sliced one Fuyu persimmon, which was old enough to be a bit soft on the inside, over the top, and also cut up some walnuts, which I removed awhile before from the freezer. I made a dressing with olive oil, raspberry vinegar, salt, and pepper, and it turned out to be an excellent salad.

D chose the last of the white wines from Clos Saron, this called “Carte Blanche” 2010. It is an unusual wine, which went ok with the meal, but we both think would have preferred something else. Fish, I expect, would be its choice.


It was rainy and coldish, so I looked at my Google doc list of soups and two appealed to me: Scotch Broth and one I call Sultan’s Soup. The Sultan’s I will have to do this week (more rain) but I chose the Scotch Broth for lunch. This ends the “meatless” part of our program. lunchmain141129-ScotchbrothandBrusselssproutsI defrosted two small vats – possibly a quart in total – of lamb broth from the freezer, and a packet of lambits from some previous turning of a boneless leg of lamb from Costco into kebab portions. (In fact, the lamb broth would have been from boiling the non-eating scraps from the same ventures.) I cut up about half a white onion and the little bit of yellow left from TG, and cooked them slowly in butter while the lambits defrosted in the microwave. Separately, I bathed the freezer containers in a small vat of warm water briefly to loosen the ice cubes of broth, and then dumped the frozen broth into a saucepan to heat slowly. Meanwhile, also cut three small carrots into a medium dice, and added to the onions. When the lambits were defrosted, I added them to the onions and carrots, salted well, and cooked till browned. I added the whole lot, plus about 6 Tbsp (could have been more) barley, and let boil about 25 minutes, till the barley was done. The soup needed a bit of salt at the end, but was quite tasty. Should have added an herb… sage? Bay? Thyme?

D trimmed and boiled up some Brussels sprouts in salted water (these wanted more like 7 minutes) and I drained them and tossed in butter and salt. I love Brussels sprouts 🙂 D, at my behest, went to the cellar and found a red to have with the soup, this a Masseria del Fauno Nero d’Avola (2010) from Trader Joe’s. Good; nothing to write home about.veggie141129-Brusselssproutsboiling


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