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Seashell pasta with mild cheddar cheese; broccoli; persimmon salad; turkey bacon – 31 December 2014

Mom had the idea of making macaroni and cheese with seashells instead of little curvy macaroni. She cooked the seashells, and I drained them (a challenge – they are little cups and have to be turned over to empty) and … Continue reading

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Red Baron frozen pizza with fresh basil leaves; green beans – 30 December 2014

Actually, I didn’t write down the name of the brand or photograph the box, but I’m pretty sure from googling it that the Red Baron box is the right one. No idea which variant. This brand clearly is not about … Continue reading

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Omelette with tomato-basil sauce and mild cheddar; green beans; pear salad; multi-grain baguette pieces – 29 December 2014

Mom noted that we had about 2 1/2 dozen eggs, and even with using 5 in the poteca we would still have an overstock, so I volunteered to make an omelette for dinner. I mixed three servings separately, one egg … Continue reading

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Tuna in white sauce over egg noodles; “southwest” frozen vegetable mix – 28 December 2014

Mom usually doesn’t check her shelves before going shopping, and cruises the aisles picking up whatever she thinks she might need – but often, she already has plenty. Realizing she had way too much tuna (still no problem with expiration … Continue reading

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Pizza from Pizza Hut after a late evening drive – 27 December 2014

We went to see the nice “Winter Lights” display at a nice local park – a drive-through visit – and decided in advance to pick up a pizza on the way home, ordering it via brother B’s iPad so it … Continue reading

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Moros y Cristianos; broccoli; carrots – 26 December 2014

Mom and Brother B liked this when D&R made it for them last February, and when I made a simplified (more likely to be made) version in May. I didn’t post that one, I see. Here is the version I … Continue reading

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Pan fried salmon; rice; green beans – 25 December 2014

Looking to the sensibilities of almost-veggie bro B, and those of Mom, who likes to see protein/veggie/starch meals, I suggested salmon for dinner, and this was endorsed by all. The butcher at the Giant cut a long fillet so that … Continue reading

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Mom’s chili, cooked by me; salad – 24 December 2014

True to family tradition, I cooked up a batch of Mom’s chili for her, brother B, and me, for Christmas Eve. It’s a great recipe for what often is a hectic day, though this one was less so. However, we … Continue reading

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Grilled cheese sandwiches; lettuce and carrots – 23 December 2014

We didn’t have much lying around for dinner, so Mom suggested grilled cheese sandwiches, which was a great idea. The cheese was longhorn cheddar, and the bread was one called “potato bread,” a pretty soft, slightly sweetish, rather uninteresting bread … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Ragu and hamburger; lettuce and “baby” carrots – 22 December 2014

Got to Mom’s in time for dinner, after getting up at 3am on the west coast, two flights on different planes, a bus and subway ride, and then being kindly picked up by Brother at the Metro station. Mom cooked … Continue reading

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Cheese? and Pear salad before an early flight – 21 December 2014

There was no imagining that I could cook the night before a 6am plane flight (and 4am departure, and 3am alarm), so D of course too over. I asked if we could have one of the two pears R gave … Continue reading

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Ham, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts – 20 December 2014

D cooked a simple but fine meal, while I prepared to travel to Mom’s for Christmas. He sliced thin slices off the ham I bought for the black bean soup, and fried that with herbs, but alas, I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Senor Sisig at Off the Grid, Oakland Museum – 19 December 2014

D&R had an event at the Oakland Museum during the museum’s weekly Friday night music, food truck, and half price admission evening. I took BART to the museum, since there is basically no way to park there anyway, and it … Continue reading

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Common Grill Black Bean Soup; Brussels sprouts – 18 December 2014

This hearty soup is from a restaurant in Michigan. Our friends from East Lansing sent us the cookbook, which we enjoy.  Here is my version of the soup, with original in brackets if it differs. Pick over and wash 1 … Continue reading

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Return to Pizza Moda – 17 December 2014

Unsubtly, I looked up Pizza Moda today (my birthday “trad.”) and discovered they had, back on the menu, the first pizza we’d had there, last January, that really sold us on the place in one bite. Later, I called D … Continue reading

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Butternut squash soup; salad; P’tit Basque cheese – 16 December 2014

It was raining a ton … ok let’s see, this is worth writing down. I was trying to get on the road while it was still light, but I didn’t get my “homework” all collected till after 4:30. Still dusky, … Continue reading

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Pizza with dandelion greens, bacon, scallions and lemon – 14 December 2014

Lots of happy dandelions in the front yard, and we also had bacon, so I decided to make this pizza. We went to the Bowl to pick up some scallions (had only 2) and other things, including an EQ stash … Continue reading

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Cassarecce with leftover beef, onions, and parsley/anchovy pesto – 12 December 2014

D sorted out what to do with the leftover beef tri-tip roast that he grilled the other night. It was just salted and peppered and grilled. He found his bit had a significant layer of gristle down the center (horizontally) … Continue reading

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Pepperoni, potato and kale soup – 11 December 2014

“Biblical rain,” someone called it, so I planned a soup for the rainiest evening. This soup I first made here, and the original is referenced there. I revised it, and will write out the recipe for this more likely version: … Continue reading

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Open faced sandwiches with random stuff; Brussels sprouts – 9 December 2014

Yesterday, thinking D&R had eaten up almost all the bread for lunch, I bought an Acme ciabatta, but then I cut it in half and froze it when we didn’t need it for dinner. I took out half this afternoon, … Continue reading

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