Open faced sandwiches with random stuff; Brussels sprouts – 9 December 2014

main141209Yesterday, thinking D&R had eaten up almost all the bread for lunch, I bought an Acme ciabatta, but then I cut it in half and froze it when we didn’t need it for dinner. I took out half this afternoon, and D cut off a few inches of it, split it horizontally, and made two open-faced sandwiches from it. setting141209He cooked some shallots in butter and spread those on second, after a bit of olive oil. He used a bunch of the anchovy-rich parsley pesto we made for Thanksgiving, and topped it off with the last 2 oz of Laura Chenel chevre from the 16 oz log we got at Costco awhile back. He put the breads under the broiler and that was it. I’ve marked this “meatless” but not “vegetarian” b/c of the anchovy fillet in the pesto.

That makes one chard/goat cheese pizza; the baked, breaded goat cheese salad; the goat cheese with Wells sauce, olives, and herbs, broiled; the goat cheese, tomato and herb spaghetti last night, and finally this. Pretty good variety!

D boiled up some halved Brussels sprouts and I drained them and heated in butter, salting and peppering in the process.  We had leftover Caminetto Chianti – decent – and leftover Tempranillo from last night – pretty good. Also brought home some very cute treats made for me by a student:


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