Cassarecce with leftover beef, onions, and parsley/anchovy pesto – 12 December 2014

main141212D sorted out what to do with the leftover beef tri-tip roast that he grilled the other night. It was just salted and peppered and grilled. He found his bit had a significant layer of gristle down the center (horizontally) and decided to cut the beef into pieces for its next incarnation. setting141212Tonight he cut a small red onion into largish pieces and cooked them in olive oil till nice and wilty, then added the beef, a clove of garlic, sliced, and also about 2 tsp of the pesto from TG (from La Cucina Italiana), which was based on parsley, but had a carrot and celery, and also three anchovy fillets among other things I can’t remember in the original recipe. D poured the beef topping onto cooked cassarecce, and thought it didn’t look tasty enough, so he put a bit of butter (perhaps a Tbsp?) into the pan and “deglazed” with that, pouring the sauce over the pasta in the (heated) bowls. The balance was outstanding! We both thoroughly enjoyed this.

wine141212No wine choice here, of course – of necessity D brought up our “Friday wine” – Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2011) which we now get at the Bowl, Costco having finked out on us. It was a great “choice” for this dinner, as it is with many things. [Added the 30th: I have this as a “bread” photo, too, which suggests that D made this no-knead bread today.]

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