Return to Pizza Moda – 17 December 2014

main141217Unsubtly, I looked up Pizza Moda today (my birthday “trad.”) and discovered they had, back on the menu, the first pizza we’d had there, last January, that really sold us on the place in one bite. Later, I called D to see if I should buy bread during my shopping trip (for dinner). We could go to Pizza Moda, he said. So we did, and invited R to come too.



The pizza in question was pear and gorgonzola, with caramelized onions and arugula, over a mozzarella base. This one, we all thought, wanted more gorgonzola, or at least some in almost every bite. Nevertheless, it was a very fine pizza.


We also ordered two salads to have as starters, both of which we’d had last time we were here, for R’s actual birthday (as opposed to the weekend day when we would cook a great dinner for the celebration). salad141217-1

“The Arugulasalad141217-2salad with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, shaved fennel and pecorino” was, once again, perfection itself,



but the avocado and citrus with shaved watercress was not as exquisite – the avocado and the orange were less than ideal, and the dressing was not perfect, either. Good, just not to-die-for.


wine141217We chose the wine we’d had on our first visit, with the same pizza, a  Hermanos Lurton, Rueda Verdejo. R was impressed, and we again thoroughly enjoyed the wine.




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