Ham, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts – 20 December 2014

main141220setting141220D cooked a simple but fine meal, while I prepared to travel to Mom’s for Christmas. He sliced thin slices off the ham I bought for the black bean soup, and fried that with herbs, but alas, I don’t remember which ones (writing from across the country on the 28th). I think winter savory was one, though. He boiled the potaoes, and I think then he reheated them in the other side of the same pan as the ham. He boiled some Brussels sprouts.

wine141220D chose an outstanding wine, no doubt for my last meal (or last except for the one before the 6am plane flight, when I would be running around too madly to appreciate it 😉 He made me guess, from my first glass before dinner, what it was, and I guessed an old Sattui – clearly Californian – which is interesting b/c Acorn is one CA wine we think of as rather European in its sensibilities – real food wines. Anyway: a cab franc, and totally delicious. And clearly, not my last meal 🙂

The begonias are from R’s yard, left by the previous owner T, and thank you 🙂 D&R had them at the Oakland Museum event.

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